Bentamo XU-ACES Partnership: Digitalizing Student Experience

Bentamo and XU-ACES Partnership Meeting, September 30, 2023

In an exciting development, Bentamo, a prominent web development and digital marketing start-up known for its innovative approaches, has forged a valuable partnership with the Xavier University – Association of the College of Engineering Students (XU-ACES), a dynamic student organization of Xavier University – Ateneo de Cagayan dedicated to advancing engineering education and practice. This collaborative endeavor, spearheaded by Engr. Raymund Mocorro, CEO of Bentamo, Mikko Dagoc, COO of Bentamo, Raymond Sabang, President of XU-ACES, and Kirby Luy, Public Relations Officer of XU-ACES, marks a pivotal moment, promising a significant digital transformation that will positively impact the operations of both organizations.

Partnership for Innovation

“A transformative journey towards a more streamlined and digitally adept future.”

The partnership was formalized during a productive meeting held on Saturday, September 30, 2023, at the college campus. The discussion, driven by a shared vision of progress, delved into the details of the collaboration. This union holds great promise for the college and its constituents, offering a pathway to more streamlined and technologically advanced operations.

As part of the agreement, Bentamo will take on the task of comprehensively revamping and enhancing the website that they had initially created for ACES during the previous academic year. This goes beyond a mere redesign; it involves integrating innovative features and functionalities that will not only enhance the user experience but also facilitate smoother operations. These enhancements are poised to empower both ACES and the larger college community to adapt more effectively to the demands of today’s digital-driven landscape.

In return, ACES, recognizing Bentamo’s expertise and commitment to excellence, enthusiastically welcomes Bentamo as its official media partner. This marks the beginning of a relationship that promises to be mutually enriching. Together, they will orchestrate a series of collaborative ventures, including seminars, workshops, and a host of exciting upcoming activities designed to foster knowledge exchange and skill development among students. This partnership exemplifies Bentamo’s unwavering dedication to making a tangible impact by assisting businesses, professionals, and organizations with their digital needs.

Bentamo ACES Partnership

A Brighter Future Ahead

With this partnership, the combined expertise, resources, and innovative spirit of both entities form a powerful catalyst for positive change. This transformation will not only benefit the organizations involved but also resonate throughout the wider college community.

Stay tuned for more updates on this dynamic collaboration as we collectively bear witness to the unfolding of a digital revolution in the heart of Xavier University’s College of Engineering!

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